Adult Boxing and Kickboxing

Our Boxing and Kickboxing Classes help improve Strength, Flexibility, Endurance  and Mental Focus all while teaching our students proper boxing techniques and movements.  Boxing Classes are taught by Brian Lawley a certified USA Boxing Training Coach and Kickboxing by Coach Michael Connell. These classes are all light or non-contact.  People of all fitness levels are welcome, and no experience is necessary to enjoy this all-body, stress-releasing, confidence-boosting program.  Whether you are looking to get in shape or learn to strike this is the class for you.

Live sparring is reserved for after class times, under the coaches supervision for more competitive students.

In the Boxing Class you will:

  • Foot Work: Not as easy as it may seem but to properly punch the student must maintain proper spacing, distance, balance, and mobility.  All requirements to throw a well placed and power strike.
  • Get in shape: In addition to learning proper footwork, you’ll do Medicine Ball drills, plyometric exercises, punching drills to give you greater stamina, muscle tone and lean muscle mass.  You’ll increase your energy, flexibility, strength and coordination.
  • Assume and maintain correct posture: Proper alignment is essential for boxing. You will learn to line up your muscles correctly in the gym, which will increase your  body-awareness thus making the student a better boxer and generally better in everyday life.
  • Agility: Punching a heavy bag or  focus mitts is great fun, an excellent way to workout and release unwanted stress.  It also helps increase hand-eye coordination, quick reflexes in order to land strikes and dodge them.
  • Learn how to achieve personal goals: When you work out you learn how to set goals and achieve them. This knowledge carries over into everyday life.
  • Convenient Schedule: Monday – Wednesday – Friday at 6:30pm to 7:30pm for Boxing and Monday and Wednesday mornings 9am for Kickboxing.

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