First off! Lets talk about our new web site.  It has some really cool features — one of them being this blog.  It allows us to make comments and ask questions about things that are going on with and around our team.  This is great news for all the folks that don’t use or like Facebook.  So, welcome to our new web site!

As time goes on, we will add more and more content, and new features to the site to really make us stand out from the rest and provide an engaging, informative, and social experience to our visitors.

Now, let’s talk about our events that we have coming up, and events that we will be taking part in.

July 18th – Copa America Destin

Copa America Destin is happening this Saturday and it is time for us to make a strong showing.  We already have plenty of team mates signed up to compete — and even more going to support our team.  I can’t wait to come back and post the results of this competition here!

Copa America Destin Grappling Championships

Visit the COPA Events Page for more information!

July 25 at 1pm – Free Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

At 1pm on July 25 we are hosting a Free Women’s Self-Defense Seminar.  This will be a 2-hour workshop going over techniques on escape, control and if needed, attack against an aggressor.

We would like to see as many people in attendance at this event as possible.

Please pass this information around to everyone!

Free Women's Self Defense Seminar

Free Women’s Self Defense Seminar Flyer


Aug 1 at 1pm – Free Children’s Self-Defense Workshop

On August 1st starting at 1pm we will be hosting a Free Children’s Self-defense workshop.  This workshop will focus on abduction prevention and self-defense against larger aggressors.

Appropriate ages for this workshop are 7 and up.

Events like these help raise self-awareness, self-confidence in a child. They also help eliminate fear and instill self-control and calm. Not to mention they are just fun!

This event is open to everyone so spread the word!

Aug 1 at 1pm - Free Children's Self-Defense Workshop - Boy's Flyer

Aug 1 at 1pm – Free Children’s Self-Defense Workshop – Boy’s Flyer

Aug 1 at 1pm - Free Children's Self-Defense Workshop - Girl's Flyer

Aug 1 at 1pm – Free Children’s Self-Defense Workshop – Girl’s Flyer

Aug 14th and 15th – Prof.  Sergio “Marra” Correa

Aug 14th and 15th - Prof.  Sergio "Marra" Correa

Aug 14th and 15th – Prof. Sergio “Marra” Correa Flyer

It has definitely been a while since we have seen the man himself.  It’s time to have Prof.  Sergio “Marra” Correa pass on more things and blow our minds!

On August 14th at 6pm we will be hosting a Children’s seminar with Marra — the cost is $50 per child.

Promotions will be held right after the seminar is complete.  The event will end around 8pm.  However, be prepared to stay a little longer as the main focus is to learn, not adhere to a schedule.

On the 15th we will begin the Adult seminar at 10am — the cost is $65 per adult.

You should also expect this seminar to possibly run a little longer as the main focus is to learn.  Promotions will be held immediately after the event.


And finally — On August the 29th

BJJ Tour is coming to San Antonio — where our headquarters is located.  This is going to be a really big tournament for our Marra Senki Family and is also a great opportunity for us to show our strength.

Let’s start talking now about this if anyone is interested in competing at this event.  It would be a great event to send some representatives from our Florida school.

BJJ Tour Texas 2015

Visit the BJJ Tour Texas site for more information!


Best Wishes,