Programs & Fees

Thank you for your interested in our Academy, please be sure to take advantage of our Free Week Trial.  Thank you again!

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How do I Join?

As a student you have more than one way of joining.  You can go to our online store and purchase a class package, a single, multiple or months at a time.  However, we prefer all new students take advantage of our FREE WEEK Trial.  Fill out the form or give us a call at 850-254-9938. 

1. Do you offer Military, Law Enforcement and/or Family Discounts?

As a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, we’re glad to offer our public servants and hard working families a discount.  Military receive a 10% discount,  families larger than 3 members receive a 15% discount.

2. What happens if we need to cancel our contract early?

First we offer both a contract and non-contract pricing.  Those on a contract receive a large discount in exchange for commitment and dedication to their goals.  1 year is the length of our normal contract, one year is enough time for us train a consistent student enough to be able to defend himself against a bigger larger opponent.  If a student wishes to cancel a contract before the completion, they will be required to pay a fee equivalent to 50% of the remainder of the contract.  Military and dependents may cancel their contract without penalty provided military orders have been issued.

3. When is a good time to visit the Academy?

Our Normal Class times are from Monday to Friday, we open at 4:30pm and stay open to approximately 8:30pm.  On the weekends we have Open Mat training for experienced students and visitors.

4. Do you require a uniform for the Trial period?

No, we do not require a uniform for the Trial period.  Please wear fitness training apparel, shorts long enough to reach the knees, fitted crew neck top, minimum to zero pockets or zippers that may cause accidents and scratches.

5. When can I start?

Training can start today!  Give us a call at 850-254-9938 or visit us at our location, 2208 East 26 Street Panama City, Florida 32405.

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Student Programs (contract Prices)


1 Time Fee


Private Lessons       Ages 12+


$85hr ($100 Split)

Kids Fundamentals Ages 6-8

Tues, Thurs @5PM

$85 a Month

Kids Jiu-Jitsu All Levels Ages 9-12

Mon, Wed, Friday @5PM

$95 a Month

Ladies Self-Defense Ages 12+

Tues, Thurs @6PM

$85 a Month

Adult All Levels             Gi Jiu-Jitsu

Mon, Wed, Fri @6pm

$95 a Month

Adult No-Gi Grappling  All Levels

Tues, Thurs @7Pm

$85 a Month

Unlimited Adult                5 Days a week Training

Mon to Fri, Open Mats Included

$110 a Month

Non- Contract Options

Single Class/ Drop In

Adult, Kids, Any Open Mats

$20 a Class

Kids Programs

Fundamentals or All Levels

$120 a Month

Adult Programs

All Programs

$140 a Month

Open Mats Only

Experienced Only

$50 a Month