Women’s Self-Defense



Here the group is working on a standing choke defense.

Here the group is working on a standing choke defense.

Women’s Self-Defense will return Spring 2018!

The Women’s Self-Defense Program is taught by Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Alberto Da Silva.

This 24-lesson program will teach you how to neutralize the most common attacks ranging from having your hair grabbed to being pinned to the ground by a weapon-bearing assailant. Each one-hour long Women’s Self-Defense lesson will address one or two techniques giving the student enough time to retain the technique learned. You can start the program at any time and participate in any class without previous experience. Unlike most self-defense systems that rely heavily on strength, speed, and coordination, the techniques in our Self-Defense program employ leverage based techniques, and timing, so anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, can make them work against larger opponents. Once you complete our Women’s Self-Defense program, you’ll be truly empowered knowing what your body is capable of doing once you are taught the proper techniques!


Coach Berto Showing a Standing Kimura




Class Schedule is Tuesday, Thursdays at 8:30am to 9:30am and Saturday 9am.  Student lessons will be tracked and students may make up missing classes on the following session.

Course Dates:


Summer Session June 6th, 2017


Next Course Spring 2018!!


COST: $275